Thursday, 10 November 2011

Increasing volume size for snapmirrored volume in destination filer

Steps to increase size for snapmirroed volume on the destination filer
Primary filer name : PRI
Primary Volume name : vol1
Destination filer name : DST
Destination volume name : vol1

Step 1 —  Break the snapmirror to make the DST volume read/writeable

DST> snapmirror break vol1

Step 2 — We need to change the volume option “vol1″ volume fs_size_fixed to off, if its ON we can’t increase volume size directly.

DST> vol options vol1 fs_size_fixed off

Step 3 — Next increase the size of the destination volume

DST> vol size vol1 +1g

Step 4 — Change the fs_size_fixed on before we resume the mirror

DST> options vol1 fs_size_fixed on

Step 5 —  Resync the destination side, to get latest updates from primary volume.

DST> snapmirror resync -S PRI:vol1

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