Sunday, 6 November 2011

Try_first : Vol auto grow and snap autodelete

In try_first command we can use two options
 1. Volume auto grow
 2. Snapshot autodelete
1. Volume auto grow
  • Flex volume when comes to nearly full.
  • There is two way to increase the volume size
  • Automatically increase the volume size from the aggregate (vol autosize)

There is two easy steps for Vol autosize
Syntax 1: vol options vol_name try_first volume_grow
Command :
> vol options vol1 try_first volume_grow
syntax 2 : vol autosize vol_name [-m size] [-I size] on
Command :
> vol autosize vol_name -m 100g -I 500m on
-m size : maximum size to which the volume should increase. (like 100m or 10g or 1t)

-I size : when volume became 99% full, 500 mb will added in volume.

2. Snap AutoDelete
  • Snap autodelete is used to automatically delete the old snapshots in the flexible volume.
  • When the volume is nearly full, the old Snapshot copies will delete automatically.
syntax : vol options vol_name try_first snap_delete
Command :
> vol options vol1 try_first snap_delete
syntax : snap autodelete vol_name on
Command :
> snap autodelete vol1 on

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