Wednesday, 2 November 2011

SAN Topology

SAN: Storage Area Network

  • Its block level storage
  • Space created from the storage side and file system created on the server side like Windows and unix operating system.
  • After space created the name called LUN(Logical Unit Number).
  • Supporting protocols like Fibre Channel (FC), Fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)
  • In FC protocol : we will use switch to connect Filer and Server.
  • In ISCSI protocol : we will use initiator software to connect Filer and Server. 

Two types of Lun

1.Boot Lun (C drive)
2.Application Lun (D & E drives )

Boot lun :

The server that don't have hard disk in the machine.
For installing operating system, disk will provide from storage side.
Lun means in windows we calling D,E,F drive, in In unix Slide, mount point...etc.
we need to do some configure in HBA, it may be through FC or ISCSI  to communicate server and storage.
when using FC Protocol we need to zone the server wwpn and storage wwpn for basic level.
when using Iscsi protocol we need to give storage Ip address in the server HBA  and Server Mac-Address to storage.
After restarted the server , The Bios will get Lun from the storage.

This is the storage part, beyond this process server team will take care.

Application Lun :

Application lun is nothing like in windows we saying D drive and E drive, that is called LUN.

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