Sunday, 6 November 2011

Flexiable Volume

Flexiable Volume :
  • Flexible volume is  loosely coupled to its containing aggregate.
  • We can create more than one flexible volume in an single aggregate.
  • Flex volume minimum size is 20 mb.
  • While increasing or decreasing vol size is minimum 4 kb and maximum no limit.
  • when we creating new Flex volume it take 0.5% size from the aggregate for storing volume meta data.

This vol1 will be created in aggr1 with the size of 10 Tera byte

> vol create vol1 aggr1 10t

vol status :

>  vol status vol1

Vol size :

> df -Vh vol1  (V is CAPS)


  1. How to create a Traditional Volume

    1. aggr create new_name -v 10@20g

      here 10 mentioned for number for disk

      20g mentioned for volume size.