Saturday, 10 December 2011

Netapp lun to Linux Server

Controller name : Bangalore1

Controller IP :

Aggregate name: aggr1

Vol name: vol1

Lun name: /vol/vol1/newlun

Igroup name: igroup_name

Fas3070> aggr create aggr1 20
Fas3070> aggr status
Fas3070> vol create vol1 aggr1 10g
Fas3070> vol status
Fas3070> ping <windows ip address>
Fas3070> lun create -s 7g -t linux /vol/vol1/newlun
Fas3070> lun show
Fas3070> igroup create -i -t linux igroup_name
Fas3070> igroup status
Fas3070> lun map /vol/vol1/newlun igroup_name
Fas3070> lun show
Fas3070> iscsi start
Fas3070> iscsi status

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  2. How to access/mount lun on linux?