Tuesday, 6 December 2011

NetApp FC LUN Allocation on Windows Server - Hard Zoning


The purpose of this document is to provide guidance and training on LUN assigning to a windows environment using NetApp technologies

Hardware Setup

NetApp FAS 960 (1 Nos), Brocade 200E switch (1 Nos), Windows 2003 Server with Emulex HBA installed

Connectivity Diagram


Storage Configuration Prerequisites

· FCP License should be added

· FCP Service should be started

· Management IP should be configured for accessing the filer view

· Login credential should be available for accessing the filer view

· HTTPD options should be ON for accessing the filer view.

· Host HBA WWPNs should be available before creating Igroup.

1.2 Server Configuration Prerequisites

· Windows server with HBA installed

· HBAnyware utility (for Emulex HBAs) should be installed.

· NetApp DSM should be installed in case of multipathing (Not applicable in this scenario)

· Windows credentials for logging in

Brocade switch Configuration Prerequisites

· Cable connectivity to the storage should be proper

· Cable connectivity to the host should be proper

· Zoning should be proper

· Note down the Host and Storage WWPNs before creating zone.

· Switch credentials for loging in



1. Login to the windows server, Open the HBAnyware utility,

2. Note down the WWPNs of the host HBAs

3. Open the Brocade Switch console
4. Select port admin in switch console window, then below console will open,
5. Select every port in the left side and click Devices details,

6. In which port you find the same server wwpn number means that port is connected in the server

7. In which port you find the Netapp filer wwpn number means that port is connected in the Filer,

8. Now port 3 and port 10 is connected in the switch, next we need to do Zoning for the two ports,

 9.  Click on Zone Admin tab, the below tab will open,

        Below we going to add one netapp  WWPN  and one server WWPN
         (10:00:00:00:c9:7c:d4:66 + 50:0a:09:80:83:60:f1:2e)

10. Select the zone tab on the new window,
11. Click on new zone and name the new zone(Zone_C_WINDOWS). 

12. After Created new zone name, select the newly created zone add the WWPNs of Host and Storage

Adding the new zone to the switch configuration.

13. Click on Zone config tab and select the newly created zone then add to the zone config.

14. Select the save Config and it prompt for YES or No, Select YES

15. Select Enable Config 


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