Thursday, 1 December 2011

iSCSI Lun Creation for Windows Host

LUN: Logical Unit Number 

In Netapp there is two ways of allocating lun to server

1. Fibre Chanel = through zoning
2. iSCSI = Through software initiator

Fibre Chanel:

  • For allocating LUN from filler to server, we must do zoning with WWPN (world wide port number ).
  • WWPN is nothing that "In windows for ethernet we called MAC Address" like here we call WWPN.
  • WWPN is hardware port number of HBA(Host Bus Adapter)
  • HBA is devices which help to connects the FC Cable to server and filer.


For allocating LUN from filler to server, we need to install initiator 2.x software.
In that software, we find IQN (iSCSI Qualified Name)
By using Iqn, we can find the Lun on the Host.

controller name : pri

controller IP :

Aggregate name: aggr1

Vol name: vol1

Lun name: /vol/vol1/newlun

igroup name: igroup_name

pri> aggr create aggr1 20
pri> aggr status
pri> vol create vol1 aggr1 10g
pri> vol status
pri> ping <windows ip address>
pri> lun create -s 7g -t windows /vol/vol1/newlun
pri> lun show
pri> igroup create -i -t windows igroup_name
pri> igroup status
pri> lun map /vol/vol1/newlun igroup_name
pri> lun show
pri> iscsi start
pri> iscsi status

Switch to windows
1. Open Microsoft iSCSI Initiator software , go to discovery tab and give the controller ip address for add iscsi

2. go to "Target" tab in the iscsi initiator software and click "Logon"

3. Right click the my computer --> manage select computer management

4. Now  new disk show in computer management and Right click the disk1 initialize the disk1
    If lun size is more than 2Tb we need to convert disk to GPT (Global partition table)

5. After initialize the disk, now make partition for new disk  by following steps

6. After click finish, now the status is formatting the disk

7. After formatted the disk, now its ready to use the disk in my computer

8. Now you access the full disk