Saturday, 3 December 2011

NetApp SnapDrive Features


  • Snapdrive is an NetApp application and which is installed in UNIX and WINDOWS Servers.
  • SnapDrive is an enterprise-class storage and data management solution that simplifies storage management and increases availability and reliability of application data.
  • The key functionality includes error-free application storage provisioning, consistent data Snapshot copies, rapid application recovery, and the ability to easily manage data.

Features of Snapdrive 

  1. Create LUNs, file systems, logical volumes, and disk groups 
  2. Display information about storage entities 
  3. Connect LUNs and storage entities to the host 
  4. ReSize storage by increasing the size of the storage 
  5. Disconnect LUN and storage entities’ mappings from the host 
  6. Create Consistent Snapshot using SnapDrive.

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