Tuesday 4 June 2013

CIFS Oplocks - Opportunistic Locks

CIFS Oplocks - Opportunistic Locks

CIFS Oplocks

  • CIFS oplocks reduce network traffic and increase the storage performance.
  • Its working like caching of read-ahead, write-behind, and lock information.
  • you can enable/disable CIFS oplocks for the individual volume or qtree.
  • In the database application we should turn off the CIFS oplocks 
  • when you handling critical data and can't afford the data loss.
  • Otherwise, you can on  CIFS oplocks options.

Enabling/Disabling for entire storage 

> cifs.oplocks.enable on
> cifs.oplocks.enable off

Enabling/Disabling for qtrees qtree oplocks /vol/vol2/proj enable

> qtree oplocks /vol/vol1/qtree enable
> qtree oplocks /vol/vol1/qtree disable

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  1. hi Suresh,
    By reading u r posts i have been learning a lot of things..thanks for the help.
    I am looking for diffrences between fas 2000,3000,6000 series.can you please help me on this.