Tuesday, 18 June 2013


  1. BMC - RLM - SP is console port to connect the filer,
  2. BMC - RLM - SP is a separate device in the FAS chassis.
  3. It has it's own IP and is independent of the FAS so it keeps running any time.
  4. BMC - RLM - SP is connects to the motherboard and install separately.When a FAS fails over BMC - RLM - SP keeps working locally.
  5. These provide remote support like remote access, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Before FAS 2xxx they called BMC

FAS 2xxx to FAS 30xx / 31xx they called RLM

After FAS 3240 and 3270  they named SP (service processor)

BMC : Baseboard Management Controller

RLM : Remote Lan Module

SP : Service Processor

RLM - Remote Lan Module

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  1. No [BMC/RLM/SP]:
    FAS[0-9]{3} => 2x0
    BMC :
    Baseboard Mgmt Controller
    20[0-9]0 =>20x0
    RLM :
    Remote LAN Module
    [36][01][0-9]0 => 30x0,31x0,60x0
    SP :
    Service Processor
    new filers {default}=> ex: 3240,3270,…