Saturday, 8 October 2011

RLM - Remote Lan Module

Rlm is console port to connect the filer, Rlm is a separate device in the FAS chassis... it has it's own IP and is independent of the FAS so it keeps running any time. Rlm is connects to the motherboard and install separately When a FAS fails over it's RLM keeps working locally.

Commands for RLM

Filer> rlm

Filer> rlm help

Display a list of Remote LAN Module (RLM) commands.

Filer> rlm reboot

Causes the RLM to reboot. If your console connection is through the RLM it will be dropped. The reboot command forces a Remote LAN Module (RLM) to reset itself and perform a self-test.

Filer> rlm setup

Interactively configure a Remote LAN Module (RLM).

Filer> rlm status

Remote LAN Module           Status: Online
            Part Number:        101-000457
            Revision:           F0
            Serial Number:      591541
            Firmware Version:   4.0
            Mgmt MAC Address:   00:B0:98:11:99:D6
            Ethernet Link:      up
            Using DHCP:         no
            IP Address:

Filer> rlm test autosupport

Performs autosupport test on the Remote LAN Module (RLM). The autosupport test forces a Remote LAN Module (RLM) to send a test autosupport to all email addresses in the option list

Filer> rlm update

The RLM firmware is updated. This may be a time consuming operation. Before issuing this command , you need to execute the `software install’ command to get the new firmware image. The RLM will be rebooted at the end of this operation.

filer> software update http://Web_server/ -f
filer> rlm update
filer> priv set advanced
filer> rlm update -f
filer> priv set

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