Thursday, 13 October 2011


RAID-DP (Double Parity)

Raid DP is a Double Parity disk and this implementation that prevents data loss when two disk fail.

In Raid DP minimum 3 disks required to create one aggregate.

It will support multi disk failure.

In NetApp raid DP is default raid group.        


filer1> aggr create -r 5 aggr1 10

In this command "aggr create -r 5 aggr1 10"
aggr1 will randomly take 10 disk from spare disk and -r 5 which means each raid group should have 5 disks. 

So obviously here two raid group will create and each raid group should have 5 disks.

d1  d2  d3  P(d4)  DP (d5) => rg0 
d6  d7  d8   P(d 9)  DP (d10) => rg1

d1 - d10 which means disk name
P for parity disk
DP for second parity disk
rg0 and rg1 are raid group 0 and 1


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