Monday, 1 October 2012

remove hidden folder in pen drive

If your file are hidden in pen drive

1. Open MY COMPUTER and see the Drive letter for pen drive. here assume it is "G" Drive

2. Click on "Start" -->Run --> type command "cmd" and press Enter.

i. cd g:                                        - press Enter.

ii. attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*          - press Enter.

iii. wait for some time that command to execute.

Now un-plug the drive and insert again, your hidden file will we visible normally.

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  3. 32 bit aggregate to 64 bit aggregate

    If there is any existing aggregate in 32bit means.
    Create one aggregate with 64 bit
    Fas > aggr status
    Fas > aggr create aggr1 –B 34 10
    Fas > vol create vol2 aggr1 100g
    Fas > ndmpd on
    Fas > ndmpd –l 0 –f /vol/vol1 /vol/vol2

    Normal volume to root volume

    Fas > aggr create aggr1 10
    Fas > vol create vol1 aggr1 100g
    Fas > ndmpd on
    Fas > ndmpd –l 0 –f /vol/vol0 /vol/vol1
    Fas > vol option vol1 root
    Fas > reboot