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Configure Storage System for NFS Redhat Linux (UNIX)

Configure Storage System for NFS Redhat Linux (UNIX)

1. Create the aggregate.

 2. Create the volume.

3. Record the IP address and host name for each entry in the /etc/hosts and check

    > ping
    > ping Server Name

4. NFS will automatic export when volume created, to avoid

    > options off

5. Check whether NFS is license if not, add license using

    > license add xxxxxxx

5. Check the qtree security is in UNIX, if not

    > qtree security  ( volume path | qtree path ) UNIX

6. export the volume or qtree using exportfs command

   Syntax: exportfs -io rw,root="Host IP addrress"  volume path

   > exportfs -io rw,root=   /vol/vol1    = This entry in memory not in /etc/exports

   > exportfs 

   > exportfs -p  rw,root=  /vol/vol1     = This command make the entry in /etc/exports

   > rdfile /etc/exports

   > exportfs -v /vol/vol1                                         = This command will export particular volume in  
                                                                                         /etc/exports file.

7. To check the exported volume or qtree

   > exportfs -c /vol/vol1                     = This command will check the access

   > exportfs                                                            = This command show list from nfs memory

8. Create on directory in server

   > mkdir /mount

   Syntax:  mount filler ip address: volume or qtree path /mount point

   > mount /mount                = vol1 is mount in the /mount directory in the server  

   > cd /mount                                                          = Get in to mount directory  

   > mkdir test_folder                                             = make directory in the mounted directory

9. Permanent mounting in server side for consistency reboot

   > service nfs restart

   > chkconfig nfs on ( consistency reboot )

   > cat  /etc/fstab (depends on UNIX Server (OS))

   Syntax for FSTAB: (linux) and entry depends on UNIX Server (OS)

     <file system>                 <dir>        <type>    <options>    <dump>   <pass>

   >    /mount          -               -                -              -

   > Press Ctrl+c                                                     = To save and exit from cat command

10. Now NFS is working properly

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