Monday, 2 January 2012


1. In a CIFS environment, the storage system authenticates users in one of four ways:
  1. Active Directory authentication
  2. Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 domain authentication 
  3. Windows workgroup authentication
  4. Authentication for non-Windows workgroups
2. we can manage the cifs in Three Methods:
  1. command line 
  2. filer view
  3. computer management port 
3. Preparing for CIFS

To prepare a storage system to support Windows client users, complete the following steps:

1. License CIFS.

> License add <license>
> license (To check the license status)

2. Perform the initial CIFS configuration by running the cifs setup & cifs terminate program.

> cifs setup (command to on cifs  services)
> cifs terminate (command to off cifs services)

4. Volume share

> cifs shares -add share_name vol1

5. Qtree share

> cifs shares -add share_name /vol/vol_name/qtree_name.

go windows server now:

start -> run
Type //netapp ipaddress or //filer name

Then you can able to views the share folder.

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  1. This should be \\Netapp IP\sharename OR \\Filer Name\sharename

    1. start -> run
      Type //netapp ipaddress or //filer name

      first open the filer window then you will see the respective sharename.