Saturday, 7 January 2012

snapvault source configuration

Snapvault primary configuration  

Primary controller name : host1
Secondary controller name : host2

Primary controller IP :
Secondary controller IP :

Primary &Secondary  aggregate name: aggr1
Primary &Secondary Vol name: vol1
Cifs shares : share1

PRI> aggr create aggr1 20
PRI> aggr status aggr1
PRI> vol create vol1 aggr1 200m
PRI> vol status vol1
PRI> license add < sv_ontap_pri >
PRI> options snapvault.enable on
PRI> options snapvault.access host=host2
PRI> wrfile -a /etc/hosts host2
PRI> ping
PRI> ping host2
PRI> cifs shares -add share1 /vol/vol1
PRI> cifs shares

Switch to windows
start--> run --> type //host1/share1
paste some files for testing purpose

PRI> snapvault destination

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  1. Its very helpful please provide the EMC post link could not find