Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Checking Netapp filer after a panic

Checking Netapp filer after a panic

  1. If suppose filer suddenly rebooted due to some hardware issues, causing a failover in a clustered pair.
  2. if you would like to check the filer hardware status before you perform a giveback 
  3. These steps won't affected the other node of the cluster..
Please follow the bellow steps..

Steps :

1. login as naroot with root passwd

2. Type system console

3. It prompt for halt : type y

4. Now system will reboot.

5. Now it will prompt with LOADER-A> , there type boot_ontap

6. If you got above image please press Ctrl-C

7. Next following by the boot menu options

8. Select maintance mode boot ( option 5 ) and  please never select options 4.


9. Next you will a warning message like "Continue to boot?" there please select "Y"

  • After some time you will enter into maintenance mode prompt .
  • Prompt looks like "  *> "
  • Type "aggr status" to check

  • Check FC disks are online/shown using fcadmin device_map command.
  • Check SAS disks are in online using this  sasadmin  command.
  • if you want check other commands if needed.

10. To Exit maintenance mode type "halt"

11. Again it prompt in LOADER-A> there type boot_ontap

12. we have to wait utill below message.

Now it will be disconnected from RLM connection.


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