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Upgrading NetApp ONTAP 8.0.1 P7 to 8.1.2 P4

1 Introduction

1.1 Overview

  • This document explains the step by step process of Data ONTAP 8.0.1 P7 to 8.1.2 P4 upgrade method for active/ active Configuration.
  • This non-disruptive active/active upgrade procedure ensures high storage system availability
  • This process is very important in the present environment where we don’t have any downtime available.

1.2 Purpose

  • This document explains the step by step process of Data ONTAP 8.0.1 P7 to 8.1.2 P4  upgrade method for active/ active Configuration.
  • This non-disruptive active/active upgrade procedure ensures high storage system availability. 

2. Procedure & Prerequisite 

1. Check if the FAS series supports the DATA ONTAP version.

2. Use Upgrade Advisor to understand the requirements for the upgrade and to generate an
    upgrade plan.

3. Check compatibility in the NetApp Interoperability Matrix (IMT) tool.

4. If SnapMirror is being used, check the Data ONTAP version on destination storage system. The
    destination storage system should have the same or higher version of DATA ONTAP.

5. Check if there is Raid4 aggregate, upgrade will disruptive for respective aggregate.

6. Check if the volumes have at least 1 MB of free space to accommodate the changes(inode changes).

7. Check for any failed disk and replace them before the activity and make sure there is no hardware error.

8. Make sure you have connectivity to SP direct serial connection while planning the activity.

9. If you use de-duplication technology, ensure that your system includes no more than 100 deduplicated volumes and that no de-duplication operations are active during the Data ONTAP

10. Make sure that there is no SnapMirror sessions running/active or scheduled to run during the

11. CIFS needs downtime while upgrade.

12. Check the disk  firmware

 Firmware will be update in the background so that clients are not impacted by the firmware update process. if we enabled the below command

> options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable on

Paste the proper disk firmware in /etc/disk_fw/ , later it will update.

Refer this link for more information:

13. Check the disk shelves’ firmware

Paste the proper disk shelf firmware in /etc/shelf_fw / and if its FC disk shelf paste the ACP firmware in /etc/acpp_fw/, else no need of ACP firmware.

      > set mode priv advanced 
    *> storage download shelf
    *> storage download ACP

Refer this link for more information:

14. To disable automatic giveback for activity in active/active (if enabled)

     > options cf.giveback.auto.enable off              

Because in this activity, first filer B will be upgraded to 8.1.2 P4 but Partner filer A should be old version 8.0.1 P7, so that cf giveback won't work.

3. Pro Ensure that you have checked the following before you perform the upgrade:

 Step 1: Make a back up /etc/rc and /etc/hosts

Backup /etc/rc and /etc/hosts files on both nodes.
Capture output of fcadmin config command.

Step 2: Software Download

  • Select the Data ONTAP 7.3.2 and Download it desktop or laptop
  • If you don’t find the Specific version 7.3.2 in the list of software’s.
  • In the below software list we have options to Select To access a specific software
To download...Click...
Data ONTAP 8.1.2
Data ONTAP 8.1.2P4

Step 3: Copy Software onto the filer

  • Get access to share vol0 in cifs.
  • Open the share in windows and copy the Data ONTAP 8.1.2p4  in /etc/software directory.
  • Unzip the software file in the share.

Step 4: Install 7.3.2 system file on both the filers.

Filer1> software install filer_name

Step 5: Verify primary kernel is at 7.3.2

Filer1> version -b
Filer2> version -b 
  • Once download is completed you need to reboot the filers to use the new ONTAP.

Step 6: Takeover Process by Filer 1

From filer1, enter the following commands:

 Filer1> cf takeover
  • Now filerB started reboot.
  • While booting press Ctrl+c to LOADER prompt and update the motherboard firmware.
 LOADER> update_flash
 LOADER> bye

Step 7: Giveback Process 

Filer1> cf giveback
  • while upgrade we need downtime for cifs only 
  • After giveback is completed, verify Filer 2 is at ONTAP 8.1.2p4

Step 8: Complete maintenance checklist on Filer 2

  • Maintenance Checklist
  • Verify all Aggregates online
Filer 2> aggr status

Verify all volumes online

Filer 2> vol status
  • Verify CIFS is operational
Filer 2> cifs domaininfo

Filer 2> cifs sessions –t

Filer 2> cifs stat

Follow the same to upgrade steps for  filer1

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  1. Superb! This is a mind blowing document and easy understandable. But i did not understand why you asked the Disk and shelf firmwares to check? Here we need to only check or need to upgrade them too.. i mean do we need to upgrade those firmwares before Ontap upgradation? Please explain....

    Also please provide any document for snap drive,snap manager and snap creator with definations and diffrences among them..

    1. Yes, you have to upgrade the Disk and disk self..


  2. You are champ..If you can post some cmode stuff as well..

  3. Is software install command use to upgrade or software update ? We use software update command always ..Kindly clarify..

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