Wednesday, 2 May 2012



  1. Its license futures in NetApp.
  2. Flexclone is used for testing purpose. 
  3. Flexclone need volume snapshot, using that snapshot we can clone that to new volume.
  4. FlexClone volumes always exist in the same aggregate as parent volumes.
  5. Clone is in writable copy and without using a lot of disk space. After split the clone that time only clone will take space from the Aggregate.
Commands :

To Create new clone

     fas3070> vol clone create old_vol_name –b new_volume_name snapshot_name

To view clone status

     fas3070>  vol status new_volume_name

To start a clone split:

     fas3070> vol clone split start volname

To stop a clone split:

     fas3070> vol clone split stop

To check the status of a clone split:

     fas3070>  vol clone split status [volname]

To estimate the time of completion:

    fas3070>  vol clone split estimate [volname]

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