Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Open Systems SnapVault

Extend and enhance your data protection strategy.

Designed to safeguard open storage platforms faster and more cost effectively, Open Systems SnapVault® (OSSV) is your key to simplifying and extending NetApp® data protection strategies.

Open Systems SnapVault leverages the block-level incremental backup technology found in SnapVault to protect Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, SQL Server®, and VMware® systems running on mixed storage.OSSV increases performance and enables more frequent data protection by moving and creating backups from changed data blocks, not entire changed files. And since only changed blocks are stored, less capacity is needed.

OSSV is particularly well suited for centralizing D2D backups from remote offices.

NetApp OSSV recently introduced support for Microsoft® SQL Server database backups. We also made OSSV available as a free download from our customer support site (formerly NOW®), to maximize the cost savings and backup efficiencies generated by your NetApp SnapVault systems.

For more information on the benefits of OSSV for efficient D2D backup of non-NetApp data, please read theOpen Systems SnapVault datasheet. For more information on how our core Snapshot® and replication technologies can protect NetApp data, please visit the SnapVault page. And to see how NetApp Syncsort Integrated Backup extends OSSV capabilities to more applications and recovery scenarios, please visit the NSBpage.

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